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As the days are getting shorter, Halloween is drawing closer and it's going to be even scarier this year at Party Pit Stop. With our whole new range of terrific costumes, a look in the mirror and you're bound to jump out of your skin. We take pride in our vast collection and provide for children, men and women of all shapes and sizes. Our shop also stocks decorations and party supplies to ensure that your evening is as scary as it can be!

Visit our shop at Pentagon House, Bucknall New Road and prepare yourself for the scariest night of the year, if you dare...

We suypply everything you need for your spooky haloween night out from costumes, make up, accessories, halloween party supplies, halloween decorations, halloween masks, gloves, jewellery, capes, hats/headwear, tights/stockings, contact lenses, props

halloween costume catergories:
GHOST TOWN - Something sinister blows into town (Halloween Wild West)
GHOST SHIP - Sail away with these seafaring spectres (Halloween Pirates)
CARNIVAL OF THE DAMNED - Enter a dark and exquiste masquerade (Gothic Masquerade)
STEAMPUNK - Where the future meets the past (Victorian-esque Sc-fi)
HELLS ASYLUM - Embrace a dark and experimental experience (Halloween Science Lab)
NHS: NATIONAL HORROR SERVICE - Register yourself with the National Horror Service(Halloween Hospital)
HIGH SCHOOL HORROR - Where the pale and blood spattered roam the corridors (Halloween School)
ZOMBIE ALLEY - Take a stroll down Zombie Alley...if you dare! (Zombie Theme)
CIRQUE SINISTER - A twisted circus of corruption (Horror Circus)
HAUNTED COURT - Enjoy your corruption with a little chivalry (Horror Castle Theme)
GOTHIC MANOR - Dress with dark and deadly distinction (Horror House)
GROTESQUE BURLESQUE - A dark and twisted collection of sensual theatrics (Burlesque)
TOKYO DOLLS - Playtime's to die for with these dolls from the dark side (Halloween Dolls)
ONCE UPON A NIGHTMARE - Embrace a dark and weird wonderland (Fairytale Characters Horror)
TAINTED GARDEN - Sinister pixies and elves to invoke a little mischief (Elves and Pixies)
TWISTED FAIRYTALE - Misshapen myths and terrifying tales! (Fairytale Characters Horror)
7 DEADLY SINS - Unleash your inner evil (Deadly Sins)
HALLOWEEN - Take a bite out of these... (Classic Halloween Costumes)
FEVER - Drop dead gorgeous 
MINI MONSTERS - Bright and colourful mischievous fun (Childrens Costumes)
ZOMBIE ALLEY KIDZ - Where fun meet horror (Childrens Costumes)

History on Halloween in UK
The origins of wearing a costume on Halloween date back over 2000 years ago to the Pagans who believed that this would prevent spirits from seeing the costume wearer as they crossed over from the dead to living on the 31st October.